The Disappearance of Sam Therapy

I have completely checked out of reality the past several months.

Not much has changed since then. I quit my old job and got a new one. I work from home now. I like it so much I never want to go back to an office.

Since I disappeared, where did I go? Nowhere.

I've felt completely burnt out from everything I did for the nearly 2 years I was around for a long time. Honestly, I still feel that way. For the first and only time in my life, I can confidently say that Drew DeVault was right about something. (the inherent toxicity of the fediverse [and most “social media”]) Social media delenda est. No one will listen anyway.

I've barely had the motivation to do anything outside of what I need to do to survive. My few things that could be called “projects” have stagnated. And that's fine. No one uses them anyway.

It's fine. Everything is fine. I'm (not) fine. Not that it matters anyway.

I've already disappeared. I've already done what I wanted. That's all I wanted anyway.