my little versailles

an ode to my best friend of 15 years

i remember the good times in 2009, when we were young and all was fun the time when my mother said “only pick one” but i could not say no to you so we came home with two

the first was friendly to all, always wanting attention but you only liked me when we moved house you would only let me accompany you as we drove into the unknown

as we grew up, we changed you grew more friendly to others but still you always preferred my side while i got older, and moved out i always had a picture of you on my desk

anytime i came home i was always happy to see you growing old so peacefully i got older too what fun that brought

no matter what no matter when you would always be there to cheer me up i wished you could always be there for me but life is not like that

now you are at the end of your life it is hard to see you this way so small so frail so precious It hurts us all watching you like this.

i hope you are in a better place now where you can stretch out all you want where you can eat all of the shredded cheese you want where you can enjoy being loved as long as you want where you can finally be at peace

when the bad times happen it is hard to remember the good but there were so many memories and i will never forget that

i love you, now and forever and it hurts to see you go but it happens to all of us eventually

i hope you cherish your eternal slumber eventually i will be there too, together once more

see you, space kitty ~